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Ironhide's Autobrand by quidamling Ironhide's Autobrand :iconquidamling:quidamling 5 3 Ironhide Alt-mode Portrait by quidamling Ironhide Alt-mode Portrait :iconquidamling:quidamling 6 4 NEST Emblem by quidamling NEST Emblem :iconquidamling:quidamling 8 2 Ironhide's Bodyguards by quidamling Ironhide's Bodyguards :iconquidamling:quidamling 19 14 Ironhide at Rest by quidamling Ironhide at Rest :iconquidamling:quidamling 15 8 TF3 Concrete Carnage by quidamling TF3 Concrete Carnage :iconquidamling:quidamling 0 0 M. Bay's Standard Disclaimer by quidamling M. Bay's Standard Disclaimer :iconquidamling:quidamling 4 5 Prime on the Move by quidamling Prime on the Move :iconquidamling:quidamling 22 9 Prime's Flames2 by quidamling Prime's Flames2 :iconquidamling:quidamling 3 0 Prime's Flames by quidamling Prime's Flames :iconquidamling:quidamling 24 7
TF pre-movie'verse - Optimus and Ironhide cope with the aftermath of Megatron's first attack
This was the problem with tunnels…
Ironhide did not mind going in to tunnels, which is what most mechs would have expected to be the issue.  
The Head of the Guard didn't worry about the entrance into a narrow space.  His scanners could have free rein over the entrance and first few metras within.  The mech was also confident that he could deal with anything that might be found inside.
He wasn't fazed by the gigatons of Cybertron that was supported above him.  The Architects, the best and sharpest processors of the planet assured him that the structuring was sound.  Despite the fact that he snorted to himself a bit over that, he had to agree with the building mechs.  'Hide believed that the planet and buildings resting upon the arch work would remain up there, just as they had for millivorns.
:iconquidamling:quidamling 15 12
Mature content
Roll Call :iconquidamling:quidamling 2 3
Mature content
Flashback :iconquidamling:quidamling 12 8
Strung Up - color'd by quidamling
Mature content
Strung Up - color'd :iconquidamling:quidamling 104 39
Mature content
How can you think this is ok.. :iconquidamling:quidamling 1 2
Somebody turn out the sun by quidamling Somebody turn out the sun :iconquidamling:quidamling 3 11

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Alliance Cover Issue4 by PriscillaTR Alliance Cover Issue4 :iconpriscillatr:PriscillaTR 310 50
Staring Games
Ratchet’s optics franticly scanned the small steel med-bay searching for his lost charge. He had only looked away from the silver sparkling for a second, and poof..Jazz was gone.  To be honest, he still hadn’t figured out how something so tiny could cause so much trouble, but then again…Jazz wasn’t exactly an autobot sparkling. There was bound to be a few ‘glitches’ every now and then.
Sighing, Ratchet ventured into the hallway to start his search of the base since Jazz was clearly nowhere in the medical faculty. He wasn’t shaping up to be the best guardian in his own opinion. Maybe Ironhide would be better suited..after all he had already successful watching the red and yellow orphans for a few years now.  
“Jazz?” called the red and white mech as he peaked into every room scanning for the small silver mech’s signal each time coming up empty. Well that was until he checked the firing range.  Nothing in a m
:iconjazzbot8907:jazzbot8907 17 24
Transformers UK21 Cover by JasonCardy Transformers UK21 Cover :iconjasoncardy:JasonCardy 411 144 Ironhide by SachiAmi Ironhide :iconsachiami:SachiAmi 209 27
Flu, Or Something
Title: Flu, or something.
Rating: G
Wordcount: 849
Author's Comments: Because Otacon needs to get sick and Snake needs to have the crush. :D
Hal was dragged rudely from his stasis of concentration by a dull pounding ache in the back of his head. He became slowly aware of the room around him, so easy to forget in the darkness, and removed his glasses to rub his eyes. He glanced down at the desktop clock; 01:35. That meant he'd been sat here for over fifteen hours. And almost nothing to show for it, his mind added. At least he knew where not to be looking, he reasoned back. He was vaguely aware that Dave had been bringing him coffee every so often but beyond that he'd paid no attention to the world beyond the glow of the CRT screen. The room felt clammy. He reached out to touch the radiator, convinced it would be cold, and hissed as it scalded his fingers, then whimpering as the sudden movement of jerking his hand away sent a wave of pain through his head. He
:iconseien-24:Seien-24 24 20
Will punch your face for by zarla Will punch your face for :iconzarla:zarla 543 273 box HUNGRY by zarla box HUNGRY :iconzarla:zarla 1,107 290
Nimble Fingers - TF Fanfic
Silver flashed in the light of the kitchen and Gabriel winced with each pass, refusing to hiss at the pain the sharp object produced. After a while, he had to stop, setting down the objects in his hands and flexed his fingers, feeling slowly coming back to them, only to pick up the instruments again to repeat for a few minutes. Nothing caught his attention from the task at hand until footsteps sounded down the hallway. Gabriel froze his hands under the table, and looked a bit surprised when Ratchet walked in, dressed for bed and a damp towel around his neck.
They looked at each other warily, and Gabriel finally broke the silence with a, “What are you doing up so late?”
“Last project ran over so I decided to shower and crash here… What about you?”
“Nothing.” The word came out quickly and Gabriel refused to duck his head down at the suspicious look Sebastian gave him.
“Ironhide. Hands.”
It wasn’t a voice that Prime used to give orders, bu
:iconsilverphantom:SilverPhantom 31 5
Eleventh Prank by Emilou1985 Eleventh Prank :iconemilou1985:Emilou1985 165 47 Little Theater: Gang member by kaji-fore Little Theater: Gang member :iconkaji-fore:kaji-fore 88 4 Five Card Stud by The-Starhorse Five Card Stud :iconthe-starhorse:The-Starhorse 775 163 D e v o t i o n_IxR by Mishiro-chan D e v o t i o n_IxR :iconmishiro-chan:Mishiro-chan 94 27 tooth fairy by BumblebeeSam tooth fairy :iconbumblebeesam:BumblebeeSam 532 124 chi-bi medic by wasabi-the-green chi-bi medic :iconwasabi-the-green:wasabi-the-green 42 7 Ratchet 2 by yo-3 Ratchet 2 :iconyo-3:yo-3 319 35



does the ironic sarcasm thing
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So, it's unseasonably cold and rainy today, which means no running around outside.

Normally I would be keeping myself occupied trawling the world for jobs and doing applications.  Except, I have a job lined up!  Shock of all shocks, I know.  Took long enough.  So, on the countdown until I move, I don't really need to keep applying places...  And packing is... let's just say minimal.  So it's not like I need to be shoving things in boxes.

Not that any of this means my creativity is really back.  That gives me a sad.

So here, spam of old pictures I never put up here.  :la:
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